Since 2012, Road to Refuge has been on a mission to change the conversation on the issue of seeking asylum in Australia, providing a platform to amplify the voices and perspectives of lived experience who matter most: people seeking asylum, to shape mainstream discourse, in their words and on their terms.

Our vision is a refugee community owned discourse built on respect that supports and values people seeking asylum.

We are a volunteer-based group who run engaging and creative community events, educational initiatives and workshops.

Last year, Road to Refuge partnered with Renee Dixson and Tina Dixson on the art exhibition “Stories About Hope” to facilitate the exhibition’s Melbourne debut and return to Sydney in June/July for Refugee Week. Other past events have included comedy debates, Wheeler Centre speaking panels on the intersectionality between seeking asylum & feminism and the plight of LGBT refugees, conversation training workshops, book clubs, film nights and Paths to Change – a full day conference for the Refugee sector.

Road to Refuge is best known for the Coffee Cup Project, which in its third year has seen over 100,000 coffee cups featuring Layla, one of three Road to Refuge characters, whose story highlights the strength, courage and complexities of people seeking asylum.

Previously, Road to Refuge was best known for its schools program and web program, where volunteers would take students on a “Road to Refuge journey” with Ali, Layla and Mano, prompting students to step into the shoes of the three characters and think about what they would do in their situation.

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