In My Own Words

In My Own Words is a storytelling and capacity building program. The program is designed to give young creatives of refugee backgrounds the skills they need to shape their story and have it heard. 

What sparked In My Own Words?

In My Own Words is the brainchild of our programs director, Jeanine HouraniJeanine was born stateless and inherited refugee status from her Palestinian father. Growing up in the post 9/11 era she kept her background a secret.

She was 20 years old before she first told her friend the truth. That moment changed everything. Jeanine believes that in that moment, her friend’s understanding of what it means to be a refugee was challenged. Now, Jeanine is working to ensure other young people can reclaim their own stories too.

She believes creative storytelling is the most powerful tool we have to create change. For Jeanine, it can be the circuit breaker which shifts the toxic narrative told about refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia.

Who can apply?

The program is designed for both new storytellers, and those who want to build on existing skills and ideas. The only criteria is a passion for change and a willingness to learn!

How do I apply?

The first cohort of participants graduated the program in May this year. Applications are closed, but will open again later this year for the 2020 program – keep your eyes peeled!

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I might be able to help by providing skills, space or support

We are keen to speak to:

  • Organisations who can provide financial or skills support
  • Journalists or publications interested in amplifying the voices of young people with refugee backgrounds

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