In My Own Words

Have a story to tell, but unsure how to take the first step?

In My Own Words is a storytelling and capacity-building program designed to give young creatives of refugee backgrounds the skills they need to shape their story and have it heard on their terms.

Who is the program for?

At Road to Refuge, we understand that no refugee journey or story is the same. As a result, we adopt a broad definition of the term ‘lived experience’. For us, the term includes anyone who has been forced to migrate due to war or other forms of persecution, regardless of their ‘official’ status as a refugee. Our definition of ‘lived experience’ also includes those who are stateless or have ever experienced Statelessness. If you have any questions about program eligibility, please feel free to send us an email on

The program is designed for new storytellers and those who want to build on existing skills and ideas. Whatever your craft, medium or story, the In My Own Words program is designed to equip with you the tools to strategically shape and amplify your story.

If you have thought about your story and its form, but haven’t yet taken the next step to realise it, In My Own Words can help. We work with participants to prepare for the positives and negatives that come with publicising your story. We find the right role for it within the political and cultural context and connect you with others who have had similar experiences.

“There are so many stereotypes we get put under every single day. In my own words frees you from those stereotypes and helps you to shape your own story to share it with the world!” — 2019 participant, Taj Aldeeb

Downloading the full participant pack here!

What’s it like?

In My Own words is designed to be less like a lecture, school or a conference with a one-way transfer of knowledge. The sessions and discussions are hands-on and collaborative, led by a wonderful and diverse community of creators. It is an opportunity to peer behind the curtain of large scale political movements, hearing from those on the frontline of social change and creativity.

We don’t expect you to be bringing finished products and ideas to present. We want you to bring your passion, questions and creativity to be sharpened! Road to Refuge and the community of previous In My Own Word participants and campaigners are there to collaborate and work with you as you bring your story to life.

In response to COVID-19, In My Own Words is adapting to take a new shape. It will now run as a series of online webinars on Wednesday evenings through April and May.

April 8
with Sam Butcher

April 15
Representation in the Media & Personal Brand
with Diana Sayed, Leah Jing, Abdulrahman Hammoud

April 22
with Jeanine Hourani

April 29
Centring Aboriginal Sovreignty
with Tarneen Onus-Williams

May 6
LGBTQI+ Advocacy
With Tina Dixson and Renee Dixson

May 13
with Hoda Ashfar

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Want to help promote In My Own Words?

The best way you can help us run In My Own Words is by downloading the participant pack (Here!and sending it to someone you know who might be interested in the program!

We are keen to speak to:

  • Organisations who can provide financial or skills support
  • Journalists or publications interested in amplifying the voices of young people with refugee backgrounds

Please contact us directly at if that sounds like you!

In My Own Words is made possible by generous grant supplied by Bank Australia as part of the Impact Fund. You can read more about Bank Australia and Road to Refuge’s collaboration here: