Meet Fadak

Meet Fadak and hear her story in her own words.

Every Australian needs to meet Fadak. Fadak is a 25 year old Australian lawyer and community advocate. Forced to flee with her family because of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Fadak knows how important a strong community is to a bright future.

Fadak portrait

Why now?

Despite attempts by politicians to turn Australia against Fadak and other people seeking protection, the Australian people welcomed Fadak and supported her to become a lawyer to carve a path for others in her footsteps. We want to share those stories of support and uncover new stories of people like Fadak.

Meet Fadak is Australia’s first refugee-led national speaking tour:

  • to tell the real stories of refugees in Australia
  • to increase Australia’s humanitarian refugee intake
  • to create a long term Australian solution to how Australia treats people seeking protection

With your support in June and July, Fadak and Road to Refuge raised $10,000 so that as many Australian communities, town hall, church and hopefully Australian parliament will meet Fadak in 2018.

Upcoming events

November 23: Meet Fadak in Hobart, Multicultural Hub, Moonah