Our Words Workshops



You are invited to bring an object from home which is significant to you in some way. Examples include: a piece of jewellery, an old letter, text, poem or textile.  During this workshop you will gain the skills to plan and produce a collaborative picture and poem in relation to this object. 

This workshop aims to provide you with the skills to develop an understanding of self-representation and story telling through the mediums of photography and poetry. 

Workshops will go for a duration of two hours and take place in English (but you are welcome to write in whatever language you’d like your story to exist in).

Introduction, short presentation (20min)
Basic intro on photography/how to use the camera, studio lights
Basic intro to poetry making/methods
Making poetry and photography (1hr)

fOrT Youth Centre, Geelong
Wednesday 22 January
10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Suggested reading/watching: Stories from Behind the Wire http://behindthewire.org.au/stories/

Please email Thomas (thomas.m@roadtorefuge.com) or Lujayn (lujayn.h@roadtorefuge.com) for any access requirements.

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