Last Tuesday, the delivery for the shop didn’t come, so my father asked me to take the day off school to watch the shop. He said that he needed to find out what happened to the drivers of the delivery truck. I silently walked my sisters to school. I was jealous that they got to go to school and I didn’t.

In the evening Uncle Hamid came in to help me close up the shop. He told me the delivery truck had been stopped by the Taliban. They pulled the Hazara driver and his passengers out of the truck and shot them all. The Taliban think that we are the enemy because we are Shia Muslims and they are Sunni Muslims. We also look different to other Afghanis so they can identify us straight away just by looking at us.

The roads are dangerous as many routes are controlled by the Taliban. The shop goes without a delivery sometimes and every time I see the empty storeroom, it reminds me of the constant killing of Hazaras.