A few days ago a bomb went off in the school playground. Six children were killed and many injured. My youngest sister, Saira was badly hit by shrapnel. It wasn’t the first time the Taliban have planted bombs in schools where Shia Muslims study and it wasn’t the first time they had targeted children.

My father and mother spoke with me after the funeral of the children who died in the bomb attack. They said they want me to go to Australia with Uncle Hamid’s son, Hussain. They said Australia is a good country and we will be safe there. They said maybe one day they could join us there. The journey is very expensive but our two families are willing to sell the shop and our house and move in with Uncle Hamid. My father said that he will also borrow some money from friends and family.

They said that they don’t want to wait until one of us is killed. They said that they want their children to be educated and live a life free of fear. Free from the fear of being shot in the street by the Taliban speeding past on a motorcycle.